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Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Gardens

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These whimsical frames are created from flowers and fauna gathered from our gardens and when on nature walks. We take delight in creating happy scenes that we hope will bring a smile to your face and light up your space with color and joy. 

Our Butterfly Gardens frames consist of clear cut glass that we like to think of as fairies or sun sparkles in the "sky", Queen Anne's Lace, purple clover, heather, carrot tops, ferns, hydrangea blossom "butterflies" and more! 

🌸 FUN FACT: Did you know carrot tops, also known as carrot greens can be eaten and are great sautéed and in salads!? 

We only create a few replicas of each of our flower frames and no two are exactly alike. Please view full details on our flower frames HERE before making your purchase. Frames come pre-hung. Size: 9" x 7"   

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