Hello! Thank you for visiting our Policy Page. 

Hello Lover of Nature & Beautiful Things! Thank you for supporting our small business! Below we've provided you with some helpful information in regards to your purchase.


~ Sewn Items ~

Our sewn items are handmade from beginning to end, from picking out the fabric to the final topstitching details. Care: Sewn items should not be placed in the washer or dryer. They can be spot cleaned or if very dirty can be washed in room temp water in the sink with a little liquid soap, hung to dry, then ironed on low heat. 


~ Nautical & Flower Art ~

Depending on your purchase our Nautical Art incorporates a mix of shells, sand and rocks hand collected on the beaches of Maine, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Florida.  These pieces look awesome when the sun hits them! We suggest putting them in or near a window if you can! Care: Please only use compressed air to “dust” frames. Do not wipe the front of frames as it can cause scratches.


~ Flower Art ~

Our Flower Art is created solely from flowers and fauna we happily hand collect from our gardens and when on nature walks. There is a lengthy process to go from field to art but these are our favorite pieces to make! In your flower art you may recognize flowers like: black-eyed Susan's, cosmos, zinnias, lavender, clover, catmint, verbena, lettuce leaves, tomato leaves, ferns, carrot tops and more!  Care: Please only use compressed air to “dust” frames. Do not wipe the front of frames as it can cause scratches. Flower frames must be kept out of direct sun or they will fade quickly. Due to the organic nature of our flower frames they may fade over time.


Though some pieces may look similar, no two are exactly alike. As mentioned on each of the product pages, there will be slight variations in each and they will not look exactly identical to the picture as all materials used including the frame will vary slightly. Please note that any bubbles in the glass is part of its handmade nature, gives a more authentic look and are part of the piece.

Due to the handmade nature of these pieces all orders are final. We do not accept returns, nor credits. If an item is damaged from shipping please photograph the damage and send us an email and the image within 12 hours of package delivery. We will work with you to resolve the issue.
Custom Orders
Currently we are not offering custom orders.
As with any online purchase, colors may vary due to what device you are on. Ex.: A Dell computer may make an image look more yellow as a Mac may make something look more white. Please note we take care to represent the pieces exactly as they are. We can not grantee an exact color match as each device present colors slightly differently. 
The Life Of Flower Art
Flowers, being organic materials, will fade with time. The best way to prolong the life of your Flower Art is to keep it away from direct sun or extreme heat. Though they look stunning in windows, the ultraviolet rays will dull the flowers within a short amount of time. The least amount of sunlight they are exposed to the longer they will keep their vibrancy.