Our Story


Rodney grew up playing in the fields, woods and streams of rural New Hampshire. His family farm, beautiful white steeple church, town hall, two room schoolhouse, and generations of family are nestled amongst the beautiful hills and mountains.  Here Rodney learned the sense of community, family, hard work and appreciation for nature, real food and good people. Playing in and exploring his environment sparked his sense of adventure and his “travel bug.” He’s visited 49 states and several countries.

From the Mountains to the Sea ~ Coming to Rhode Island one summer, falling in love with the area, and enjoying cooking is what led him to attend Johnson & Wales University.  Rodney became a certified chef and mixologist, and even worked for a while on Martha's Vineyard but he just couldn’t stay indoors. After being raised by the land he had to be back in the fresh air. Within a couple years of graduation he began his landscaping business which he still operates today. 

When he's not working at the studio or meeting folks at Festivals you may see Rodney quahogging on Narragansett Bay, riding his bike or skiing and snowboarding whenever a storm hits. He's also working on an anti-inflammatory cookbook for 2024 with an emphasis on organic and plant-based. 


With an imagination bigger than her and being a nature lover, Mikala sought out all the farms, ponds and woods near her home. She made forts from pine boughs, outfits from leaves and magical potions from flower petals and berries. Her parent’s appreciation for music and open spaces were cultivated within her and most of their free time was spent enjoying activities like moon walks, snowboarding, hiking and beach trips. Mikala grew up having a passion for nature and a fondness of the simple things in life; a good conversation, a long hug and the amazing stillness of a soft snow.

Being introduced to art and sewing at a young age Mikala gravitated toward the “creative life”.  After obtaining her Psychology degree with the desire to embark in a profession where she could be of service to others, she combined those desires with her love of the arts, people and sewing. In 2008 she opened The Creative Sewing Studio.

In addition to loving her work with The Creative Sewing Studio and Cloth & Clover Co. she’s a Certified Reiki practitioner, student of yoga and meditation and lover of live music! Understanding the mind, body and soul connection are entwined like the fibers of fabric she finds extreme importance in balance and tries to find positivity, happiness and love in everything.  


Cloth and Clover Co.


Cloth and Clover Co. began as a nickname I made up for Rodney and myself. He is “Clover” because he had always had such a direct connection to the land. And I am "Cloth" because of my lifelong work and enjoyment with fiber. The dream of starting a business that combined our talents, interests, love of creating and desire to spend more time together is the foundation of Cloth and Clover Co.

Cloth and Clover Co. allows time to stand a little more still, not just for us, but purchasers of our art. We hope you'll slow down and enjoy each flower in your frame, how the sun sparkles off your ocean piece, the craftsmanship in your bag or the comfortable, weightless flow of your skirt. Get lost in a memory, explore a day dream, be inspired to find your own beach treasures or embark on your next nature walk. Thank you for being a part of this adventure! 💜